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Susan's Serenity Sprays

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These magical essence sprays are a synergy of herbal liquid smudge, aromatherapy, crystal elixir, and astrological and/or lunar energies.  The sprays are hand made by Susan Hart and are in 8 ounce spray bottles and are $11 or $13 each.  See suggestions for use at the bottom of this page, or call or email Susan for brochureSuggestions for use can be found at the bottom of this page. 

"Susan's Serenity Sprays are phenomenal!  I notice my energy system (body, mind, spirit) becoming more balanced and harmonius when I use the sprays.  They're great at facilitating the release of blocked energies.  I use them with my patients all the time and am continually amazed at how effective they are!"     ~ Dr Trish Coughlin, Chiropractor/Energy Healer in Berwyn, PA

NEWEST SPRAY!!!  Just created November 2008...

 Let Go and Just B R E A T H E 




     Let Go and...Just Breathe 

Has a piece of coprolite in the bottle and smells like mint, eucalyptus and camphor.  Element ~ Metal.  Uses:  to expand lung capacity/open airways to take in the breath of life; assist in transitioning grief to a more open heart for inspired passion; headache relief; aids in releasing underlying causes of lung and sinus congestion, allowing yourself to go with the flow...Great to use during cold/flu season to help alleviate symptoms.  $13 per 8 ounce bottle.








       Smokeless Smudge 

Smells like clary sage and pine.  Element ~ Earth.  Uses:  can be used wherever you would use traditional burning sage and/or sweetgrass, but would rather not have lingering smoke.  Perfect for asthmatics who want to use ceremonial smudge but can't because the the smoke.  Removes energetic density in your space or body, can also be sprayed directly on skin for muscular release. $13 per 8 ounce bottle.
























     Moon Goddess

Has a moonstone in the bottle and smells like birch.  Elements ~ Water and Wood.  Uses:  Encourages healing by boosting immunity, increases one's potential, assists in bringing manifestation into form, confidence in one's creation and abilities, and soothes emotional upset.  $13 per 8 ounce bottle.








Fire Dance


Fire Dance

Has citrine in the bottle and smells like cinnamon and bergamot.  Element ~ Fire.  Uses:  help soften tension in the back of neck and shoulders, increase receptivity, bring energy up and out of body, reduce symptoms of S.A.D., help disperse emotional upset and create pathways for joy, also useful to help clear dense energies as you would use smokeless smudge.  $13 per 8 ounce bottle.  Can only be made in Spring and Summer, so stock up while you can. 




th_Faries.jpg   Lighten Up

Has an amethyst in the bottle and smells like orange and lemongrass.  Element ~ Air.  Uses:  raises vibration to facilitate energetic releases, disperse density in your environment, spray directly on skin to aid in muscle and energy release.  $11 per 8 ounce bottle.



s-1.jpg   Down To Earth

Smells like clary sage and rosemary.  Element ~ Earth.  Uses:  removes energetic density (negativity and emotional heaviness), raise vibration, ideal feng shui cure to clear areas of emotional energy, spray directly on skin to aid in muscular and energetic release.  Similar to "Smokeless Smudge" but has a softer affect.  $11 per 8 ounce bottle.



19ma1.jpg   Peace

Has a moonstone in the bottle and smells like lavender.  Element ~ Water.  Uses:  sleep aid, helps calm anxiety to witness your Truth, reduces hyperactivity of the mind and body, creates balance and harmony even within chaos, allows the body to release.  $11 per 8 ounce bottle.






"I love Susan's Serenity Sprays!  They not only release energetic density, but each spray brings it own unique chemistry to create a different atmosphere!  I use them personally as well as in my bodywork practice, and each client seems to have their favorite.  How clever to mix aromatherapy, smudge and crystal elixirs to create the perfect energetic tool!"      ~Terri R. in Downingtown, PA

Email or call Susan to order.  ;)

email:  susan@serenityachieved.com      Phone:  610-933-4611

Wholesale discount available, call or email Susan for details. 

  How to use Susan's Serenity Sprays...

Do NOT ingest or spray in eyes.  Keep away from open flame.  Not intended for use on or around pregnant women.

~  Shake well before using.  This helps keep sprayer from clogging and activates the bottle.

~  Can be used as an easy way to shift energy in a room, in/on your body or for someone else.

~  All of them can be sprayed directly on your skin (but not on your face) please check ingredient list for any allergy issues.

~  Calm ADHD symptoms or anxiety by spraying directly on your body, or in your environment (Peace and/or Down to Earth). 

~  Release muscle tension by spraying directly on your skin (Any).  Fire Dance is especially helpful for neck and shoulder tension.  Let Go and...Just Breathe is helpful for headaches, constipation, chest and diaphragm tension.

~   Use on your body or pillow before bed to help you sleep (Peace), to set an intention for dreams that night (Moon Goddess) or to help clear your/your spouses energy while you sleep (Smudge, Fire Dance  or Down to Earth).

~  When feeling ill, spray on area affected to boost your immune system or release energy in area (all but for kids Moon Goddess is especially helpful).  Head/chest colds respond well to Let Go and...Just Breathe.

~  To help clear negative energies in your space, lingering tension from an argument, leftover stress from work, anger, frustration, etc.  Any spray can be sprayed Smudge or Fire Dance are best for denser energies.   

~  There are many other ways, try whatever feels right...and let me know so I can tell others!  I love to hear about new discoveries!    


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